How to Check Edo Star Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025

Have you been eagerly waiting for news about the Edo Star Teaching Fellowship program? Are you wondering if you’ve been selected for the next stage? If you applied for the Edo SUBEB recruitment for the 2024/2025 session, this is the ultimate guide for you!

This article provides all the essential details about the Edo Star Shortlisted Candidates list, including how to check your status, download the list, and prepare for the screening process. We’ll also cover the documents you’ll need and important things to remember to ensure a smooth experience.

Good News! The Wait is Almost Over

The Edo Star Teaching Fellowship Shortlisted Candidates list is expected to be released soon. While we wait for the official announcement, this guide will equip you with all the necessary information.

How to Check Your Edo Star Shortlisted Candidate Status

There are three ways to find out if you’ve been shortlisted for the Edo Star program:

  1. Be Patient and Check Your Email: The Edo State government will notify all successful applicants via email. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates regarding shortlisted candidates and screening details.
  2. Visit the Edo SUBEB Recruitment Portal: Here’s how to navigate the portal to find the list:
    1. Visit the Edo State Teachers recruitment portal:
    2. Click on the “Current Vacancies” section.
    3. Within “Current Vacancies,” find the option for “Shortlisted Candidates” and click on it.
  3. Stay Updated Here: This webpage will be updated automatically once the Edo Star Shortlisted Candidates are announced. We highly recommend bookmarking this page for easy access and checking back frequently.

Downloading the Edo Star Shortlisted Candidates List

Once the list is released on the official portal, you’ll be able to download it in PDF format. Here’s what to do after following the steps mentioned above in option 2:

  • After clicking on “Shortlisted Candidates,” follow the provided link. This link will lead you to the list itself.
  • On the list, search for your name to confirm if you’ve been shortlisted.
  • You’ll also have the option to download the entire list in PDF format for your reference.

Preparing for the Edo Star Screening

Congratulations on making it to the shortlist! Here’s how to prepare for the next stage:

  1. Note the Screening Details: While checking the list, don’t forget to take note of the following crucial information:
    • Screening Date: Make sure you’re available on the designated date for the screening process.
    • Screening Time: Be punctual! Arrive at the screening center on time to avoid any inconvenience.
    • Batch Information: The list might be divided into batches for screening. Knowing your batch will help you plan your arrival accordingly.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Here’s a checklist of documents you must bring to the screening center for verification:
    • Recent Passport Photographs
    • Educational Certificates
    • Proof of Origin
    • Age Verification
    • Application Printout
    • Valid ID

Important Reminders for a Smooth Screening Process

  • Beware of Scams: There might be individuals who claim they can help you secure this job for a fee. This is a scam. The Edo Star recruitment process is entirely merit-based.
  • Maintain Professional Conduct: Conduct yourself professionally throughout the screening process. Dress appropriately and demonstrate good behavior.
  • Honesty is Key: Submitting false documents will lead to immediate disqualification. Ensure all documents you provide are genuine.
  • Physical and Mental Fitness: The Edo Star program requires individuals who are physically, mentally, and psychologically fit for the teaching position.
  • Time is of the Essence: Reporting late to the screening center will be considered as declining the offer. Be there on time according to your designated batch and time.

We’ll keep this webpage updated with the latest information regarding the Edo Star shortlisted candidates. Make sure to revisit this page frequently for any announcements.

If you have any questions or require clarification about the Edo Star shortlisted candidates or the screening process, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll do our best to address your concerns promptly.

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